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Simply Ads

YouTube advertising agency

Simply Ads Website Design

This project was a bespoke wordpress website build. It took me around two weeks to complete. The client wanted to make the website load quickly all over the world so that they would rank high in Google no matter where people were searching from.

Simply Ads Website Development
Simply Ads Website Design
Simply Ads Website
Simply Ads Website Development

The client was also extremely pleased with how the site functions and how it looks on mobile devices too – “I’m really confident that anyone browsing my site from their mobile device or a tablet with have exactly the same, positive experience as they do when browsing on a desktop PC or laptop.”

Simply Ads WordPress Development
Simply Ads Website Design
"JS Web Dev built me a site that I'm extremely happy with for a number of reasons. First and foremost the turnaround was quick and the site loads super-fast. I love the design and the layout and my website ranks first for "YouTube Advertising agency". I would definitely recommend JS Web Dev for any wordpress development work, especially as the price was much more reasonable than any web development agency."
- Adam Butler, Simply Ads