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I use very high specification servers for all of my WordPress website hosting. This means that the websites I build are super fast, very reliable and ultra-secure.

Even the best website in the world will become unusable if the server isn’t fast enough or reliable enough to offer a good user experience.


Wordpress Website Hosting

When your website is complete and ready to go live, selecting the right hosting for your needs can be tricky.

Having created numerous websites over the years I have a wealth of experience to ensure that the server your website is hosting on is best for speed, security and reliability (website uptime).

Google’s most straight-forward advice for websites is to make them load as fast as possible as this definitely improves the quality of the user experience.

Another crucial factor to consider is making your website secure using an SSL certificate to enable HTTPS, this will make sure visitors to your website know that their session is secure and they wont receive a warning in their browser.

E-mail hosting is also extremely important to make sure your e-mails aren’t flagged as junk mail when you send e-mails. Going for a cheap, shared server can sometimes be very bad for e-mail delivery rates and open rates. If you have any e-mail hosting requirements or migration requirements get in touch with me today.


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