WordPress website maintenance

WordPress Maintenance


If you already have a WordPress website and need to hire a freelance WordPress expert to help fix or maintain it, I’m happy to take this work on for you, either on a per-project or retainer basis.

Maintenance can include regularly updating plugins and themes, reducing the chance of being hacked, or maybe you need to keep your users engaged in your blog with fresh content, whatever your needs I can tailor a maintenance package to fit your budget. Allowing you to focus on what is important to you.

WordPress website maintenance consists of services such as:

Speed Optimisation

The speed your website loads is one of the most important factors in providing the optimal user experience on your website. The faster the better. If your website is loading slowly and you don’t know what to do, I can perform a WordPress speed test audit and provide you with a suite of recommendations on how to improve your WordPress website load times.

Website Speed and Performance

Additional Functionality

If your website is lacking a certain type of functionality that your business requires, such as a booking calendar, contact form, automated e-mail or anything else, I am happy to help so get in touch with me today.

Website maintenance adding functionality

Design Changes

As your business develops and your website content needs to change, in order to accommodate these changes, sometimes the design of certain pages will also need to change. Without ongoing design support, websites can look unprofessional and messy very quickly. If you need WordPress design changes made to your site get in touch today.

Website design changes

Content Updates

Websites need to keep their content fresh and up to date in order to stay relevant. If you struggle keep updating your website I can work with you to create a content marketing plan and make these updates for you.

Website content updates

HTML Newsletters

Creating newsletter templates, to allow you to send frequent e-mail updates easily and quickly makes e-mail marketing quick and easy. Alternatively, I can work with you to create an e-mail marketing plan and send out frequent e-mails on your behalf.

HTML Newsletter development

Social Media Updates

The whole world seems to use Social Media now, which means if your business isn’t promoting itself on social media channels regularly, the chances of your potential customers seeing your brand is greatly diminished. I can help you create a Social Media marketing plan and even post updates on your behalf if you don’t have the time.

Social Media updates

Adding Products

If you need to add a lot of products to your e-commerce site in a hurry, I can help automate this for you. Alternatively if you would just prefer for me to provide the service of uploading new products on an ongoing basis, I am happy to do this too.

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