Ammolite Inc.

The Brief

Ammolite Inc. are a hybrid creative and production studio working closely with globally known artists and brands to create highly visual content.

I worked alongside a great designer, Helena Traill on this project who did a fantastic job to create a very clean, minimalistic and modern feel which is exactly what the client was looking for.

From my development perspective, the client wanted a clever way to manage all of their projects (which was many!) as well as a smart way to search and get to the content as quick as possible.

The Delivery

By using flexible content throughout on the website I was able to give maximum flexibility to the client without compromising on the design.

This allows the client to add multiple projects that can be categorised to multiple different Artists, Clients and Rosters which in turn are displayed on their relevant pages.

These pages can be easily found by the full screen navigation menu search functionality that allows users to get to the desired content as quick as possible.