Why pay more for a Freelance Website Developer?

Why pay more for a website developer
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12th March 2019
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When looking for a website developer, it can become challenging. There are so many options out there. Where do you start?

I am not the cheapest developer, there are cheaper alternatives out there. There are agencies that churn out £500 websites. But, these websites can actually have a negative return on investment.

Website development takes time. This means that cheap and quick websites often have many downsides.

Running a business can be expensive at the best of times. Especially when you have to pay out for the latest software, equipment and other things.


So, at this point you’re probably thinking what makes it worth paying more for bespoke website development?

Before we get into why it’s worth paying more for a website, let’s take a look at the cons of a cheap website.


Downsides to cheap or quick websites:


Lack of security

Unfortunately, most cheap or free themes are very vulnerable to cyber-attack. Vulnerabilities come mostly from the reliance on the plugins that cheap websites are bundled with. When they aren’t updated regularly they can be prone to hackers.


Many bugs and issues

A bug in a website is an error. When you create a website quickly, it is often done in a rush. This leaves the development open to mistakes. Mistakes that aren’t fixed before your website goes live can contribute to a bad user experience. In the long run, if your users are having a bad experience they will leave your site. This can have detrimental effects on conversions, your SEO and many other things.


Website testing


Lack of browser testing and Quality Assurance

Testing a website is like testing any product before putting it to market. It’s a lot less likely to physically harm someone when it goes wrong than a product with a loose fitting. Yet, it could harm your business.

Cheaper websites are often not tested across all web browsers and devices. This could mean that if your website works on one but not another, you could be losing out on customers.
Businesses spend millions hiring people to repair damage done by unsuitable web companies.


Poor SEO capabilities

Some website builders have terrible SEO capabilities. Search engines will often penalise you for this.

Theme’s are far slower than bespoke sites as cheap website will often use many plugins. Every plugin loads multiple style and javascript files. Most of these files won’t actually be used on the website but there server still needs to load them.

When plugins stop getting updated, this could also run the risk of security breaches. Or, you will have to remove/change the plugins to ensure your website continues to work.

Google will now penalise websites that are not fast.


Difficult to maintain and update. (sometimes fully restricted so you have to pay for any site updates)

A lot of websites that are cheap will have an excessive use of plugins. Plugins can add extra functionality to your website. But, you often have to pay out yearly for updates and support. They can also be difficult to maintain due to clashes with other plugins, and they can break your site.

An excessive use of plugins can also slow down your site and severely impact your security.


No website training or advice

As I’ve already mentioned, cheaper websites are often built in a rush. This rush often means that you will get no training in how to maintain your new site. This can leave you in the lurch and mean that you pay out more money for someone to maintain your website.


Now it’s time for me to explain some of the pros of bespoke websites.


High level of security

A bespoke website is much more secure than one built on a website builder or one that uses a template. If you are truly serious about security, a bespoke website is truly in your best interest.

Whether you take payments online, or gather contact information, a cyber-attack could ruin everything!

It may cost more initially to have a bespoke website, but in the long run, the savings will more than make up for it. It will be safer than an off-the-shelf solution.


Extensive testing

Extensive testing across all browsers and operating systems is an essential part of web development. It must not be cast aside. You certainly wouldn’t send a broken product out to market.

I test every website I build. Testing means that I can make sure that your customers have the best experience, no matter what device or browser that they use!


Optimisation for Search Engines and Social Media

Search engines are the bread and butter of the internet. They help our customers find us. When creating a bespoke website, I can integrate everything that you need right from the start. This means that your site will be completely ready for SEO and social media.

Over a cheap website, as the site will be custom coded, from the start I take in factors that influence ranking. From page loading times and mobile optimisation to the user journey and how customers will use your site.

So, when you share your awesome looking new website on social media, everything will fit perfectly with your brand.


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Free website training

As mentioned earlier in this post, most cheap and quick website options won’t train you on how to do updates. This is never the case with me.

Although I offer web maintenance as a service for those who don’t have time to do it themselves. I train every single one of my clients on the website that I build for them.

This includes making sure that you can update all your text and images and even create new pages if you need to.


It’s tailored to your business

Bespoke websites are exactly that, bespoke. This means that you can choose to add features that make sense for you. Your website will be flexible, meaning that it will be a lot less costly to adapt and change as your business grows.

For example, if you are in need of a system for ordering products in a specific way, this can be, just for you. Plugins are solutions for the mass market. While they may work for some, they may not necessarily have the functions that you need.

Plugin software is adaptable but you may need functions in the future that aren’t possible. It would mean you have to fit your business around the only solutions available to you. This doesn’t make sense to meet your objectives.


The website is all yours

If you have a bespoke website created, you will own it as intellectual property. It won’t be reliant on outside parties developing and maintaining plugins.

Some agencies will limit your access to the website meaning that you can’t edit any content on your own. Whereas with me, when you pay for the website, you have full access and ownership including your training.



Bespoke websites are user-friendly, secure and allow for fully-responsive web design unlike any other out there. They are safer than stock solutions and enable you to build your brand consistently. They are also hugely effective and can provide unique functionalities for your needs.

If you choose a bespoke website, you will find that it will be better suited to your needs and be much more cost effective.

I have 10 years experience and will spend valuable time getting to know your business. This ensures that I meet and fulfil your website goals.

If you are looking for a website rebuild or a brand new one, I work closely with you at all times. I offer a bespoke service that is second to none.

Are you still wondering if you need a bespoke website?

If you value your businesses brand and identity then the answer is quite likely yes.

Contact me today!