Usain Bolt

The Brief

Yes that’s right… I have had the absolute privilege to work with the world’s fastest man. Usain Bolt is a man of many talents and certainly not limited to his sprinting abilities. Usain Bolt has multiple ventures and passions and he wanted to showcase these on his new website.

One of his passions is music producing and this was an important skill Usain particularly wanted to highlight on his website. His current website was old and outdated so it required a brand new design teamed with a new logo to function at the very high standard that Usain required.

The Delivery

Usain Bolt is very active on social media to update his followers and fans about his new ventures. Therefore it was important for the website to include enhanced social feeds.

Using a new design and custom WordPress theme I was able to achieve this by including an Instagram block on the homepage as well as an auto-updating YouTube channel feed. With these features on the website, Usain and his team are able to consolidate his social media activity to really highlight his skills, passions and future ventures.