WordPress has been my preferred content management system since 2010 so I know it inside and out! I find it very enjoyable to develop with because of its flexibility and ease of use for the admin user.

The websites that I build on WordPress are all bespoke, fast, secure, built to the highest standard and comply with W3 industry standards.

Mobile first Development

It is not unusual now for over 50% of your users to be viewing your website on a mobile phone.

Because of this, the last 10 years has seen a fundamental change in the way that websites are built and is why the “Mobile First” expression first appeared online.

I build all websites mobile first, meaning I build the mobile layout for a template first, I then go to tablet size, followed by desktop.
This means that the website looks perfect on all screen sizes and you don’t waste valuable hours at the end of every project bodging together mobile layouts.

Website Speed and Performance

Did you know, users are more likely to abandon a website after just 2 seconds of page loading?!

Page speed is incredibly important in this crazy modern internet world, meaning the quicker the page loads the more chance you will retain your customer and this allows for a higher conversion rate too!

Website Security and its importantance

Who wants to be hacked?!

I have had many people contact me in the past because they have been let down by a website agency who did not build their site securely and now have a hacked website which is costing them money.

One of the many reasons for this is a website that is relying on too many plugins and is therefore prone to vulnerabilities and hacking.

I only use plugins that are necessary (E.g. image optimisation and SEO related ones). Also, I use custom code; that means I am not reliant on potentially vulnerable plugins.


WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce solution for WordPress, and it easy to see why…

The usability is excellent; adding, editing and removing products is a breeze. You have access to an analytics dashboard which has lots of useful data such as per product sales figures, highest paying customers and date specific analytics. This can all be really important when planning for digital marketing campaigns, or if you just want to be nosey!

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